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Corporate Giving: Pay it Forward

Amy Huth, Director of Charitable Giving

Phone: (813) 857-6711

Amy is responsible for Image Forward's charitable giving and volunteer programs. She represents Image Forward in all activities associated with volunteer activities and the community. Amy plans and develops policies or programs that promote good will and foster relationships with community leaders.

Amy Huth, Image ForwardAmy Huth offers her stance on why more companies should consider charity work as part of a commitment to community. “Charitable contributions, are a great way to use financial resources. They represent freedom of choice, because an individual or company can choose what charities they help, and see the energy of their contributions do real good in their communities.

To see the power of charity simply go to a coffee store, and ‘pay it forward’, by picking up the tab for the person in line behind you. The energy the giver feels is equal to if not greater than that of the recipient. Our goal is to expand our charitable contributions in 2016, to both local and national organizations.”
- Amy Huth

A few Charitable organizations Image Forward works with:

In addition to monetary contributions Image Forward provides Marketing and Internet Marketing services such as Facebook Advertising, Press Releases, Social Marketing & free or discounted use of it’s proprietary tools purpose built to aid companies with these important services.

Image Forward currently serves clients in North America, primarily the U.S and Canada, and have served clients abroad. Our programs and process are specifically designed for Franchisors, but work equally well with other business models. We can scale our services into the tens of thousands of locations.