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Internet Review Monitoring

Image forward is an experienced Internet marketing company that specializes in Review Monitoring. We offer review monitoring as part of our professional Internet presence management services.

There are two major types of Review Monitoring. They are:

  • Internet or search based review monitoring, including Directory Listing Reviews
  • Social and application based review monitoring.
Social and application based review monitoring is increasingly falling under the broader category of the mobile web.

Deliver Media We are better able to serve our clients, because of our experience and unique ability to offer review monitoring of both types.

Our Review Monitoring policy is based on a combination of third party and proprietary software to ensure that any mention of your brand, whether it comes from a social site, a blog, or through a popular mobile review application, we are immediately alerted, and able to handle the concern in a timely manner.

We formulate a plan of action to take well in advance of any incident, lock down your online presence associated with your keywords and key word phrases and monitor the entire Internet, as well as the increasing number of mobile apps for any mentions of your organization.